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Project development and project controlling

Project development is a complex process that requires a high degree of expertise and experience. Careful and sustainable planning is indispensible for project development concepts, initiation concepts, feasibility studies and for the actual implementation. We monitor all stages of project development - from conception stage up to project marketing.

We will consult you on:

  • project development, project initiation and project conception
  • market analysis, location analysis and usage analysis
  • competition analysis, risk analysis and cost analysis
  • construction supervision
  • project marketing


Prior to the project initiation, several questions have to be clarified. Starting from the existing situation, we help you to get together the three factors that are essential for every project: idea, location and capital.

Subsequently, a first project development calculation is carried out to determine whether the project is feasible. By means of a front door approach or a backdoor approach, we first determine whether and to what extent project financing is possible and then adjust it to the wishes of the client.

  • the front door approach provides estimates for the minimum future rent that is required based on expected costs; if it is below or at market level, the project is feasible
  • the back door approach calculates, based on the market rent, the maximum total cost for realizing the project


Once the general outline of the plan is determined, we offer you consultation on the detailed conception of the project. Analyses of market, location, usage, competition and risk will be conducted with the help of various specialists in order to ensure the feasibility of the project.

In our approach and implementation, we are always guided by Lean Construction principles, i.e. we consider the entire value chain process, from planning to design to building construction and its supervision. This comprehensive approach to planning and building construction as well as the continuous optimization of all processes allows us to achieve optimum results.

During construction supervision, we check and compare the actual states of planning and construction with the target specifications in order to gain maximum value and minimize expenses and construction time. We place great emphasis on:

  • organization and documentation
  • project structure, organizational structure and organizational procedures
  • organizational control and recording, target-performance comparison, deviation analysis and adaptation measures
  • costs and funds
  • budget / planning of financial resources, cost control, deviation analysis and adaptation measures
  • deadlines and capacities
  • scheduling: framework development planning, rough planning and detailed scheduling, cost control, target-actual comparison


With our many years of experience, we will develop a customized marketing concept for your project.