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Property management

Successful and sustainable management of your property takes more than just monitoring the receipt of rental payments and preparing operating costs calculations. We will prepare rental strategies tailored to your needs, plan and carry out maintenance work for you and support your long-term financial success with profitability analyses. Through contemporary modernization and rehabilitation strategies, we ensure a continuous optimization of your property, which leads not only to an increase of value but also to reasonable rent increases. Our focus is not least on minimizing operating costs to allow for an attractive rent, which is particularly important with regard to subletting residential and commercial spaces.

Specifically, we offer the following services:

Performance list of general management services:

  • representation of the owner in all matters relating to the property
  • handling all necessary correspondence
  • conducting all necessary negotiations with tenants, leaseholders and third parties as well as preserving all rights the owner is entitled to
  • negotiating with authorities and third parties
  • renting out vacant rental space
  • concluding necessary tenancy/lease agreements
  • terminating tenancies/leases; taking steps necessary for evictions and bringing in a lawyer in case of disputes
  • establishing and enforcing house rules
  • handing over rental spaces to new tenants
  • choosing, instructing and supervising a caretaker (if necessary)
  • imposing rent increases
  • conferring power of attorney to lawyers in case of legal actions against tenants or a third party
  • keeping the owner informed about important events


Performance list of commercial management services:

  • keeping a trustee bank account
  • collecting basic rent, operating and ancillary costs, with accounting of the sums
  • monitoring the receipt of rental payments
  • collecting tardy rental payments and applying for an order to pay
  • paying all taxes, dues and fees for the property, settling interest and amortization payment obligations on this property as well as paying contractor invoices and other expenditures for the rental property out of the rental account, given that the documents necessary to that end are complete and handed in to the management on time and that sufficient funds are available
  • checking content and figures of invoices and notifications of charges
  • monitoring all income and expenditure according to the principles of orderly accounting
  • annual cost summary for the heating and warm water cost calculations of the calorimeter companies
  • annual operating cost settlements with the tenants
  • annual reports on the achieved earnings and regular payments of instalments in set intervals depending on funds in the rental account
  • collecting and managing rent deposits
  • transferring free funds to a money market account, if desired by the owner
  • passing on special terms agreed upon with contractors (e.g. energy providers, insurance companies, multimedia service providers and contractors)
  • supplying the owner with intermediate information in the form of summarized data on monthly or quarterly rent and account developments
  • reports on rent development in the milieu of the rental property, if desired


Performance list of technical management services:

  • commissioning necessary maintenance work in order to preserve the functionality of the building and the rented spaces
  • tendering and commissioning maintenance work in coordination with the owner
  • regular inspections to identify technical defects
  • drawing up maintenance plans (short-term, medium-term, long-term)
  • preparing status reports with recommendations for maintenance work
  • conducting inspections at the end of a lease and preparing a handover certificate
  • consulting on modernization and energy-saving measures and their impact